Step 1

Estimate how often you shave.

Simply keep this in mind then scroll down to Step 2

Almost daily

We recommend 2 bars every month for:

  • ✅ Couples who both shave often to share a subscription
  • ✅ Families to share a subscription

Every few days

We recommend 2 bars every 2 month for:

  • ✅ Individual members who shave every few days

  • ✅  Couples to share a subscription

A couple times per week

We recommend 2 bars every 3 months for:

  • ✅ Perfect for individual members who shave  2-3 times per week

Step 2

Okay, now it's time to select the shipping frequency

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2 bars every month

Share as a couple for only $9 each.

2 bars every 2 months

Equivalent to $9.50 a month. Keep some in your gym bag, by the sink and in the shower.

2 bars every 3 months

Equivalent to only $6.50 a month to always have your supply of REMAY. Most popular.

  • First box 50% off with coupon code REMAY50

  • Change frequency, cancel or skip shipments anytime before your next shipment. You're in control.

  • Save over buying at retail price

Not sure which to choose? 

Start with the 2 month frequency then upgrade or downgrade before your next shipment if you run out or still have some left. Don't worry, you have at least 30 days before your shipment to try it out!

Not ready to subscribe?

You can order them in 1 time shipments on our other website here: 

Did you know that you will spend 2 months of your life shaving?

Enjoy shaving in less time with the benefit of coconut, tea tree oil and REMAY.