What is a subscription?

Many online customers are joining their favorite products as subscriptions. Once people find the various products they like, it makes it easier to have consumable products they will always need conveniently arrive at home. It takes the hassle out of online shopping. Discounts over retail are often provided because the brand can spend less on marketing to remind the customer.

How It Works

Signing up with REMAY is quick and easy, everyone is welcome to join. Simply estimate how often you shave and we will recommend a shipping frequency. You don't have to listen to what we say, you can choose any frequency you want.

In every shipment you will receive 2 (two) REMAY shave gel bars. You won't be charged monthly, you will only be charged when the order is actually shipped according to the frequency you selected. This makes it convenient to adjust your account if needed. 

Step 1

Estimate how often you shave.

Step 2

We will recommend a shipping frequency.

Step 3

Get a package either every month, 2 months or 3 months. Change plan, skip a shipment or cancel anytime.

For example, if you join the 3 month plan,  (recommended for members who shave 3 to 4 times per week), you will be charged $19.50 on your first shipment, you will receive your first package within 1 week and not be charged again until 3 months later for your next shipment. You will get 2 shave gel bars in your package each shipment. Simple as that, one less thing to worry about. This gives you access to free shipping and a discount on REMAY. 

There are no commitment or extra fees to pay, you always have the ability to increase, decrease skip a shipment or cancel at anytime before your next shipment in your own account. 

Join tens of thousands using REMAY Glide Shave