Club Rules

Welcome, you're almost in! Please make sure you agree with the Club Rules first. To keep fairness to all members and the integrity of the club, we have 4 simple rules 😌

  • Club Rule #1: If I am no longer interested in receiving my box, I will cancel inside of my account at least 24 hours before the date of my renewal (the cutoff). The renewal date is always visible inside of your account if you forget. 

  • I will not create multiple accounts or take advantage of a trial by cancelling a trial before even receiving a trial.

  • I will only have 1 subscription per household (contact us for special request).

  • I will provide my correct residential shipping address, my valid email address and an approved payment method (A Credit/Debit card) for my account. PrePaid Cards are not allowed and may be blocked.

And that's it, very simple. Please make sure you remember Club Rule #1. No exceptions.

This is because we need to plan inventory scheduling, pre-packing and label purchasing for the renewing boxes. Once your box renews, we need to process your order and pay for shipping. Unfortunately, forgetting to cancel does not change this.

You can skip or cancel your box in your account as long as you have done so 24 hrs before the renewal. Because once the box has renewed, it cannot be refunded. If you are not familiar with subscription clubs, please do not sign up.

This is why we give the power to you to easily cancel your box at anytime inside of your own account. This way there are no mistakes as it is handled between you and the computer. If you cancel and do not receive an email confirmation that confirms the cancellation, then you can assume the account is still active and you will need to try again. If you receive a cancellation confirmation for that account and for some reason you are still charged, please forward the confirmation email to us. 

Above all, if you have any difficulty whatsoever cancelling with the computer, please send us an email 24 hours before the renewal to create a time stamp showing that you tried.

REFUND/RETURNS POLICY: We truly want you to feel comfortable becoming a REMAY® Shave Bar Club member. This is why if you are not satisfied with your first (1st) shipment, you can return your first (1st) shipment for a refund minus the cost of the return label ($4). But please note we do not accept returns or refunds of any box after the first (1st) renewal date has occurred (box 1, 2, 3, 10...). This gives plenty of time to try the first (1st) box to decide before the renewal. Sorry, but no exceptions. 

Creating multiple accounts/subscriptions or cancelling before receiving a trial could result in the cancellation of the shipment and account without refund. We are not responsible for stolen boxes marked as delivered or overdrafts from insufficient funds. If we are given the wrong shipping address, we can ship a replacement box to the correct address but for the regular price of that box. Please contact us to let us know about any shipping address or email address mistakes you might have made 24 hours before the renewal and we will gladly help.

One last thing. Do you remember Club Rule #1? Great! No exceptions.